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Carl's World Series Quote of the Game


What does a mama bear on the pill have in common with the World Series?  No cubs.

--Harry Caray


Game 1

A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.

--Earl Wilson


Game 2

This is about the ALCS, since I couldn’t find any great quotes about making lots of errors and still winning:


When Curt Schilling took the podium last night after perhaps the gutsiest performance in team history, he began talking about how, seven years ago, he became a Christian. Here we go, you thought, God helped him win this game, so the Lord must be a Red Sox fan. It’s one of the more ridiculous boasts in sports when an athlete says, “I prayed to God to make me win.” Yeah, because God usually takes the under on the Steelers.


But, in case you didn’t know already, Schilling gets it.

“I didn't pray to get a win or to make great pitches,” he said. “I just prayed for the strength to go out there tonight and compete, and He gave me that.”


--Eric Wilbur at


Game 3

A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours.

--Ray Fitzgerald in the Boston Globe


This is patently untrue – lately, it’s more like three-and-one-half hours.


And to remind us of what happened 18 years ago yesterday, October 25, 1986:

If I knew it was worth that much after I missed it, I would've run after it.

--William Joseph "Bill" Buckner, in 1998, on the baseball that dribbled through his legs in the 1986 World Series which had just sold for $93,000.00


Game 4

It’s a sweep – unleashing a torrent of quotes:


After the ALCS, I read:

The Curse is Dead…  Let the next wave of suffering begin.

--Mark Starr


…which was corrected by the author of the Curse of the Bambino:

Let's get one thing straight: the Curse of the Bambino has not been lifted. The job is not yet done.

--Dan Shaughnessy


…but this is more right:

Sox fans. Just so that you know, there never existed any "curse," just people like Dan Duquette and Grady Little.



I don’t believe in the curse; you make your own destination.

--Manny Ramirez, Series MVP



Pigs can fly, hell is frozen, the slipper finally fits,

and Impossible Dreams really can come true.

The Red Sox have won the World Series


And that concludes Carl's World Series Quote of the Game, but don’t despair, I collected a lot more quotes than I could use in a sweep.  [I’m saving them for next year’s repeat.]

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