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Carl's Book List

I started writing down the books I’ve read as I finish reading them.  Sometimes, especially with long series of books (like Tony Hillerman’s), I would otherwise lose track of where in the sequence I am.  I started this in February 2000.  Mystery, fiction, business, computers, history, biography, and more are the categories on my list.  “Writing them down” is figurative, I guess.  I enter them in my Pocket PC.  Herewith, the yearly count and the last couple years' book list:


Books read:

2000 - 25

2001 - 38 (63)

2002 - 41 (104)

2003 - 25 (129)

2004 - 27 (156)

2005 - 27 (183)

2006 - 42 (225)
2007 - 30 (255)



1-Showdown by Ted Dekker c2006 1/16/06

2-The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell c2000,2002 1/17/06

3-The Shaman Laughs by James D. Doss c1995 1/22/06

4-Think Like Jesus by George Barna c2003 1/29/06

5-Why Us? When Bad Things Happen to God's People by Warren W. Wiersbe c1984 2/6/06

6-Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman c2004 2/20/06

7-Cash by Johnny Cash with Patrick Carr c1997 3/3/06

8-Getting Things Done by David Allen c2001 3/6/06

9- Life Support by Robert Whitlow c2003 3/10/06

10-Cave Creek and Carefree Arizona A History of the Desert Foothills by Frances C. Carlson c1988 3/13/06

11-The Shamans Bones by James D. Doss c1997 3/22/06

12-Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground by Earle R. Forrest c1950,1979 4/4/06

13-House by Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker c2006 4/15/06

14-Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow c2004 4/18/06

15-The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman c2003 4/19/06

16-The Shaman's Game by James D. Doss c1998 5/1/06

17-The Da Vinci Code A Quest for Answers by Josh McDowell c2006 5/25/06

18-How the Canyon Became Grand by Stephen J. Pyne c1998 6/1/06

19-The Night Visitor by James D. Doss c1999 6/4/06

20-From Thunder to Breakfast by Hube Yates & Gene K. Garrison c2002 6/12/06

21-Grandmother Spider by James D. Doss c2001 6/17/06

22-Eli by Bill Myers c2000 6/19/06

23-There's a Bobcat in My Backyard! By Jonathan Hanson c2004 6/24/06

24-Arizona Then & Now by Allen D. Dutton c2002 6/28/06

25-Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico by E.L. Kolb c1989 (originally published 1914) 7/11/06

26-Blood of Heaven by Bill Myers c1996 7/12/06

27-White Shell Woman by James D. Doss c2002 8/16/06

28-Threshold by Bill Myers c1997 (Fire of Heaven trilogy Book 2) 8/19/06

29-Ghost Railroads of Central Arizona by John W. Sayre c1985 09/13/06

30-Arizona 24/7 by Rick Smolan & David Elliot Cohen c2004 09/17/06

31-Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges c2005 09/20/06

32-Islam at the Crossroads by Paul Marshall, Roberta Green, and Lela Gilbert c2002 09/21/06

33-Dead Soul by James D. Doss c2003 09/24/06

34-Witches Tongue by James D. Doss c2004 09/28/06

35-Fire of Heaven by Bill Myers c1999 10/06/06

36-Saint by Ted Dekker c2006 10/22/06

37-1776 by David McCullough c2005 10/27/06

38-What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis c2002 11/21/06

39-Comes a Horseman by Robert Liparulo c2005 12/1/06

40-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling c2003 12/13/06

41-Dead Wrong by J. A. Jance c2006 12/25/06 (Joanna Brady #12)

42-Wind Spirit by Aimee & David Thurlo c2004 12/28/06 (Ella Clah #9



1-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling c2005 (no.6) 01/05/07

2-The Shape Shifter by Tony Hillerman c2006 01/17/07

3-Day of Infamy by Walter Lord c1957, 1985 01/21/07

4-The Parker Ranch of Hawaii by Joseph Brennan c1974 01/24/07

5-Red Mesa by Aimee & David Thurlo c2001 01/24/07

6-The Crisis of Islam Holy War and Unholy Terror by Bernard Lewis c2003 02/10/07

7-Verde Valley Lore by Robert Mason c1997 02/14/07

8-The Language of God by Francis S. Collins c2006 03/11/07

9-Never Give a Heifer a Bum Steer by Marshal Trimble c1999 03/14/07

10-Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis c1943,45,52 04/04/07

11-More Verde Valley Lore by Robert Mason c2004 04/15/07

12-Changing Woman by Aimee & David Thurlo c2002 04/21/07

13-The Great Bridge by David McCullough c1972 05/21/07

14-Arizona Adventure by Marshall Trimble (The Arizona Trilogy - Volume 1) c1982 5/23/07

15-Skin by Ted Dekker c2007 5/27/07

16-Gold and Silver Mining in Arizona 1848-1945 by Melissa Keane and A. E. Rogge c1992 5/28/07

17-1491 by Charles C. Mann c2005,2006 6/15/07

18-Deception by Randy Alcorp c2007 7/23/07

19-The Burning by Robert Mason c2000 8/8/07

20-Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath c2007 8/12/07

21-Shadow Man (a Charlie Moon Mystery) by James D. Doss c2005 8/16/07

22-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling c2007 8/21/07

23-Culture Smart! China by Kathy Flower c2003 08/29/07

24-Religions and Religious Life in China by Sang Ji c2004 09/17/07

25-The Story of Confucius by Luo Chenglie c2004 10/24/07

26-Mao Zedong Man, not God by Quan Yanchi c1992 10/31/07

27-Arizona a Cavalcade of History by Marshall Trimble c1989, 2003 11/14/07

28-Dragon Tales by various c2005 11/24/07

29-Heidelberg, Castle and City Guide c? 12/2/07

30-Tracking Bear by Aimee & David Thurlo c2003 12/07/07



1-Just Play Ball by Joe Garagiola c2007 1/4/08

2-A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands by Dr. Phil Barnes c1999 1/18/08
3-The Rise and Fall of the Hawaiian Kingdom by Richard A. Wisniewski c1979 1/21/08
4-Hawaii: The Territorial Years by Richard A. Wisniewski c1984,9 1/23/08
5-Grapes of Canaan: Hawaii 1820 by Albertine Loomis c1951 1/28/08
6-Some Memories (Growing Up with Marty Robbins) as remembered by his twin sister Mamie and told to Andrew Means c2007 2/16/08
7-The Phoenix Area's Parks and Preserves by Donna and George Hartz c2007 2/23/08
8-Tales of the Forbidden City edited by Cheng Qinhua c1997 3/5/08
9-Route 66 Lost and Found Ruins and Relics, Volume 2 by Russell A. Olsen c2006 3/15/08
10-Reaching for the Invisible God by Philip Yancy c2000 4/1/08
11-Bleachers by John Grisham c2003 4/6/08
12-Adam by Ted Dekker c2008 4/7/08
13-Git Along, Little Dogies - Songs and Songmakers of the American West by John I. White c1975 4/11/08
14-Historical Atlas of Arizona by Henry P. Walker and Don Bufkin c1979, 1986 4/13/08
15-The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver c1988 4/20/08
16-Trilby by Diana Palmer c1992 05/01/08
17-Web of Evil by J.A. Jance c2007 05/14/08
18-May I Quote You, General Lee? Volume 2 by Randall Bedwell c1996 5/24/08
19-Terra Cotta Warriors by Jane Portal c2007 5/28/08
20-Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca c2007 6/12/08
21-Weird Arizona by Wesley Treat c2007 6/19/08
22-An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology by L. Greer Price c1999 7/4/08
23-Sunk without a Sound by Brad Dimock c2001 7/6/08
24-Railroad Schemes by Cecelia Holland c1997 7/25/08
25-The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam c2008 8/21/08
26-Lily Nevada by Cecelia Holland c1999 9/1/08
27-Crazy '08 by Cait Murphy c2007 9/14/08
28-Damage Control (Joanna Brady) by J.A. Jance c2008 9/22/08
29-Influence by Robert B. Cialdini c1984, 1994, 2007 10/07/08
30-Butterfly Lost by David Cole c1999 (Laura Winslow no. 1) 11/04/08
31-The Killing Maze by David Cole c2001 (Laura Winslow no. 2) 11/08/08
32-Stalking Moon by David Cole c2002 (Laura Winslow no. 3) 11/19/08
33-Verde Valley Railroads: Trestles, Tunnels & Tracks by Russell Wahmann c1999 11/22/08
34-Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers by Christopher A. Hall c1998 11/29/08
35-Day of the Dead by J.A. Jance (sequel to Hour of the Hunter and Kiss of the Bees) c2004 12/09/08


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